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Nellie Patterson and the Pitjantjatjara elders in Central Australia invite you to share in Women’s Business at a very sacred healing area approximately 150 kms from Uluru. (This is a long drive on a desert track).

Dates: 25th to 29th March 2011 Cost: $1500.00 Pickup: The Outback Pioneer Motel, Yulara. Tel: (08) 8957 7888 Deposit: $500 by 31st January, 2011
Balance: $1000 by 28th February, 2011

Fee covers transport to and from Yulara (also there is a free shuttle bus from Yulara Airport to the Outback Pioneer), all meals, swag and cultural fees.

We are travelling to very powerful land and we are asked to come with deep respect for the law and culture of this area bringing only an open attitude and willingness to be guided by the elders.
• We meet at the Outback Pioneer at around 12 noon on 25th March, please be ready to load up into the Troopies by then so that we can reach our destination early. We will return to the Yulara Ceremonial site as usual for rest and integration of our experience at Umutja and then return to the Outback Pioneer around Noon on 29th March but earlier times can be arranged for flights if necessary.
• We travel in 4 x 4 Troopies and space is very limited so luggage must be kept to an absolute minimum (additional items for before and after the event can be stored at the Outback)
• You will need to bring 10 litres water for personal use – can be purchased at Yulara when you arrive.
• We provide swags but please let us know if you are bringing your own so that we do not double up

• warm sleeping bag, small pillow and sheet
• large tarp for over and under swag – approx 3 metre x 4 metre
• soft bag for clothes etc – keep it very small for transport
• water and drinking bottle
• torch – headlights are easier and best
• black skirt, knee length or longer. You will spend most of your time in this and will need very little additional clothing for the site other than some warm covering clothes for the evenings and early mornings and maybe socks and beanie for bed if nights get cool. A sarong or two comes in handy too.
• wipes like wet-ones, for washing
• toilet paper and small trowel
• zip lock bags for your own rubbish (incl. used toilet paper!!)
• small towel
• sunscreen and hat
• insect repellent
• Gastrolyte or other electrolyte drink
• additional food for snacking on if you need it. MEALS ARE SIMPLE VEGETARIAN AND

NUTRICIOUS. (Let us know if you have special dietary needs and we will see what we can do, e.g. gluten free).
• willingness to assist in the kitchen for preparation & clean-up at meal times (a roster will be available for you to sign up on)
• willingness to assist with serving our Aboriginal sisters at meal times.
• we are asked not to bring any recreational drugs, alcohol, drums and other instruments, jewellery, healing items like crystals, etc. as they interfere with the way the women work with the land in ceremony. Photography is not allowed and we are asked to keep our writing, artwork for later.
• it is important for you to know that you will be responsible for yourself and your experience at this event as it is not covered by insurance.

• the ladies love and need back skirts – mostly large size
• wool – red, white, black and yellow
• white feathers
• paints, brushes
• canvas
Please email Lorraine at to book, also for more information.

Please send deposit or full fee to:
St George Bank
Account Name: Lorraine Moses
BSB: 112-879
Acct No. 473807023

Or: Mail a cheque/money order to:
Lorraine Moses
PO Box 88,
Alice Springs NT 0871

Spirituality, Leadership & Management: Wisdom at Work

The vision of contemporary business seldom goes further than competitiveness, power and profits. The upcoming Spirituality, Leadership and Management conference asks, is that enough to serve the long-term interests of our society as a whole or our planet, or even organizations themselves?

How could “Wisdom” – an old world term help us in dealing with situations that are entirely new – globalisation, climate change, the internet, mobile technologies? This conference will explore the emergence of new ideas and approaches to complex issues which modern business face.

A post conference retreat will be held in Central Australia with Frank Ansell . Frank is a traditional Nungkari, or healer, who has been chosen by the elders of his community to share their traditional culture and healing practices with others. The retreat will explore what indigenous culture and its wisdom may have to offer the modern world and its leaders who are seeking different ways to explore answers to the issues our society and workplaces are facing.

The retreat will be supported by Gisela Wendling and Sue Gregory.

Gisela brings a longstanding interest in building bridges of understanding and cultural exchanges between indigenous people and westerners, specifically as it relates to westerners becoming introduced to indigenous spiritual healing traditions. Gisela is a humanistic and transpersonal oriented psychologist, organisation development practitioner working with and in organizations and former university professor. Gisela explores the topic of creating transformative pathways in the Aboriginal culture in her blog: Limina Songlines

Sue has been coaching indigenous leaders and organizations as well as introducing the corporate world to the value of listening to ancient culture for innovative ideas to vexing business problems. Sue is an executive leadership coach and organization transformation specialist. Together, she and Frank provide retreats and programs for leaders to reflect on their practice and gain insights from several days in the desert as they receive healing and coaching. Sue’s coaching and facilitation business operates throughout Australia, and she delivers workshops internationally. Sue provides a context for people to suspend belief and learn from ancient traditions in a way that can lead to new insights for leaders and workplace issues.

If you would like more information on the conference:

Wisdom – Common Sense?

On our journey into the desert the other day, Frank Ansell the aboriginal healer, and I did not know where we were going. Instead we stayed aware to the present moment, listening to the rocks, trees and breeze- staying open with the senses, allowing the mind to rest its opinion on where we should be going and what we should be doing.

Thus, in the still moments, arose a feeling to head up a dry, white sandy creek bed columned by miles of river red gums. As we rounded a bend of high cliffs of red granite a strong tingling sensation arose. Looking up, there, glistening in the sun was the diamond spray of fresh spring water hurtling 100 meters over a cliff in the midst of this dry, rocky terrain. We tracked through the scrub to its base, at which was a pool of clear, permanent water.

The stillness was compelling and we sat in silence. We began to reflect on the meaning of wisdom, particularly as Frank and I will be involved in a post conference retreat on aboriginal wisdom for the upcoming Spirituality in Leadership and Management conference “Wisdom at Work.” Download Detailed Program Information: Journey into Aboriginal Wisdom.

Wisdom, (according to water hole philosophy!) is the ability to be totally present in the moment where we are in touch with the multiple energy fields of sensory information of sounds, visual impressions, taste, feeling and touch which are within and around us. If we are unaware of them and stuck in our own thoughts and feelings , we may not be able to pick up on the sensory information around us that is necessary to make a wholesome “common sensory” decision or, put simply, to survive in the desert. When all the senses are alive and awake there is a deep inner knowing – an intuitive body felt sense of what action to take.

Perhaps wisdom indeed is ‘common sense’ – still, clear seeing with all the senses wide open. Rocks, trees and the breeze on dry white sandy riverbeds know about wisdom, and, when we are silent and still, we can learn from them. It is the land that heals us.

Welcome to my blog where I will share insights into how you can energise your self and your workplace through creating passion and drive by learning how to control your mind, change your beliefs, and using your intention and intuition.
- Sue Gregory