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Walking Together

Our Walking Together story began 7 years ago when Frank Ansell, traditional medicine man, and I began working together to offer retreats to introduce Australian indigenous wisdom to the modern world.

In conversation one day, we decided to call our journey Walking Together. It has been our experience of learning to combine the best of both worlds – the skills and strengths of our different cultural backgrounds – to create something greater than either of us could have achieved alone. It has required learning from each other, and to listen deeply for those opportunities for trust, understanding and generousity. Little did I know these experiences of Walking Together would one day reconnect me with my Tasmanian roots and further opportunities to Walk Together.

As a child, I did not know any indigenous people, although at a deeper level, I carried grief related to the atrocities to our first peoples. When we were invited to attend the Bruny Island Indigenous Healing Festival I experienced the power of the Tasmanian men’s dances and ceremony they had revived from historical journals. It helped to heal this grief and led to meeting Sheldon Thomas and Tasman Langford.

Not long after, they visited Alice Springs and spent time with Frank being guided in culture to reconnect with the world they had lost. They also invited me to speak with them at an indigenous conference about my experience at their Festival.

A small profit from our retreats enabled Sheldon to attend our retreat and learn the spiritual and practical aspects of running such an event. A company director on our retreat, offered to support them with business knowledge. Now, Sheldon and Tas have set up Tasmanian indigenous cultural tours Thus, the ripple effect of Walking Together is beginning ever widening circles.

As a simple, grassroots process that has naturally evolved, Walking Together has touched others and ourselves with the greater understanding that we are all one spirit.

Perhaps the ripple effect will touch you also and you will, some time, in the future, come to our retreat

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- Sue Gregory