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Aboriginal Healing Retreats

Where your mind, spirit, and soul open to discover
In the heart of Australia, magic wraps itself around you. This is the place where the country’s spirit can be felt in the tingle of warm red sand beneath your feet, and in the flooding of your senses as a trillion stars make your light. It is here that your mind, your heart and your very soul can open up to discover, or rediscover anew, space, peace and purpose in your life – for you to transform and learn to help others more effectively through exploring indigenous healing.

How will this retreat benefit you?
You will discover the effortless flow of wellbeing that nestles in the quiet waterholes and experience how the healing energy handed down through aboriginal traditions of millennia can change you, your work and the way you live. You will be different afterwards – perhaps more loving, easeful, open, clearer in your direction or transformed in some way that you don’t yet know, and can look forward to.
Who is this for?
Coaches, Facilitators, Health Professionals, People with an interest in healing – for themselves or helping others through change in a personal or professional capacity. Numbers are limited so register now.
When – 14 – 17 August, or 17 – 21 Sept 2012
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