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How to find your energy and your passion

How do you harness your energy and passion? How do you know what to do next? How do you gain the confidence to move forward? How to you arrive at that point of being so excited that you can’t wait to get started? Sometimes you can try so hard to get clear, get focused, create a dream, and take action. Sometimes it can feel exhausting – like you are pressuring your self. The more you try, the harder it gets.

As a leadership and life coaching I have observed many people move from struggle and confusion about their dream to having absolute clarity, energy and passion to make it happen, and they do (see the last blog about David Stannard). There is a recurring pattern of 5 steps. See how these 5 steps can help you:

1. Churning – in this initial ideas go around and around in your head. You may experience different “mind parts” arguing, having their say, as they toss questions back and forth. It can be very painful. You may experience feeling stuck or frustrated and try fighting it.

2. Letting go – When all the inner chatter and external talking is exhausted, the mind gives up. In coaching I have observed this a micro pause – the person just stops talking and you almost hear the cogs ticking over in their mind. There is a surrendering. Something shifts the mind from its left-brain dominant logical thinking to the right brain creative space.

3. Centering – Space is the operative word because with this letting go there is silence in the mind. To use the metaphor of a turning bicycle wheel, the busy chatter is the outside tyre rim where things are going round and round at a fast pace. The mind is all over the place. Letting go releases fear and drops you into the very centre where there is absolute stillness. There can be feelings of harmony, trust and wellbeing. The struggle is over. Some people describe a feeling of being supportive or very peaceful.

4. Receive – In this magic moment, when mind has given up trying to make things happen, some people describe an “ah ah ” moment – where a light bulb goes on or an idea drops in out of the blue, as if from nowhere. You may experience a listening with the heart as well as the mind. Ideas may be received as an image, a feeling about something, an your inner voice telling you what to do or just a knowing. Sometimes the receiving can be external –receiving a phone call with the answer. Perhaps something takes your eye – a sign on a building, a book on a shelf. You will experience a knowing of what you have to do next.

5. Absolute knowing – When you absolutely “know” what to do it is so compelling you cannot not do it. It’s a body sensation – its not just in your head – it’s a felt sense in the body cells that is without doubt. There is an inner strength, a passion. You expect your dream to happen, you know it will and you have the mindset to do it. The mind, the heart and will are aligned in the one direction.

This is how to harness your dreams and have the energy and passion to move forward. When you do you will be amazed at what you can achieve. The paradox is learning to let go.

Dreams on paper napkins do come true

What has  drawing on a serviette got to do with achieving goals? Heaps!

A scribbled picture during  management coaching in a restaurant eight years ago culminated in a strategy that led to winning  induction to the Manufacturing Hall of Fame, safety awards AND a life coaching goal of opening of a winery in France.

It just shows that strategy on one  page can bring  your personal dreams to  reality.

David’s story

I’m sitting in Melbourne airport Australia with David Stannard. Back then, through coaching, his team set up an OHS strategy for Basell Australia.

At the time strategic thinking was new to David and he  did not know how to go about it. He also owned a a property in France and his dream was to create a small winery. So, to teach him strategy, we used his dream of setting up a winery as a metaphor for understanding how to think strategically and develop a health and safety strategy for Basell Australia’s Geelong site. The parallel of executive and life coaching goals worked a treat.  He has achieved both!

How did it happen? Simple really. He drew his vision on one sheet of paper to make it real for him. Read the rest of this entry »

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- Sue Gregory